Several Horror Videos to Chill To from Allahweh :)

The first of several horror games I decided to stream here recently is another entry into the Life After Us little indie series called Life After Us: The System. Whereas in the first game you played as a character marooned on a seemingly-abandoned island with few clues as to what to do, packed with more jump scares and lots of fun, this game seemed a bit more tame, quick to get through, and I personally found the story, while semi-tragic, didn’t really lead up to the ending that happened. In fact, the ending seemed a tad disappointing, because I was hoping for more than the traditional horror movie ending (which is the best way I can put that without spoiling it!).

Next up is Life After Us: Fading Light, another entry into the aforementioned series that pits you as a person who’s fallen down a shaft in the ground while on a tour in a cave, thrust into a very dark environment, where you try to find a way out. While there’s some exploration here, and a beautiful environment, it mostly feels as if it’s on rails, and in the end, I found that the anticipation for discovering something deeper within the depths ends up feeling kind of underwhelming. The ending actually makes sense, although it may leave you (like me) wanting more than you got.

Ah, yes, Maere: When Lights Die! This one was released last year and is an indie horror game designed to make use of the Occulus Rift device. Even without that device, the game is actually pretty clever. Much like Vanish, this one is very experiential and may differ slightly each time you play it, but you might not be inclined to play it much more past your original completion. This isn’t a comment about the game itself, which is very good, just that you may find little reason for repeat plays. It’s short, and I think it’ll make for a good one for you to watch me play!

Finally, we have the third session of my playthrough of Master Reboot – a neat indie horror game released in October 2013 by Wales Interactive. Here, we finally reach the final portion of the game, yet the last bit of the game is so incredibly difficult that it elicits some pretty bad words from me. In truth, given how the rest of the game plays out, the last segment of the game actually makes little-to-no sense. But, fear not: even though I got mad and quit in this one, I do plan to do a YouTube special video where I finish the game – doing it offline like that will help me take the time to focus and just get it right. 🙂

So, hopefully these are some fun videos for you all to enjoy, and I hope you subscribe on YouTube and follow on Twitch if you don’t!

Tell us what you think!

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