NBF Exclusive: Expanded Sepulchre Edition Voice Acting Announcement


Sepulchre is an excellent free horror adventure game from writer Ashton Raze and artist Ben Chandler. Recently, Owl Cave Games announced their next game, which is “both a prequel and a sequel to Sepulchre, wrapped around the original,” according to Ashton’s Twitter. In an exclusive with Nerdy but Flirty, Ashton has announced the voice cast:

New York Times bestselling author Madeleine Roux as Alex Davenport


The Escapist legend Jim Sterling as Robert Crowe


Jonathan Graeme Grier, freelance writer and YouTuber, as John Donald Rawlings


Peter Willington, voice actor and freelance writer, as Dr. Harold Lang


Ben Chandler, artist for Wadjet Eye Games in addition to many other games, as Grub

I’m very excited to play the expanded Sepulchre edition – the original left me wanting to learn more about the world, and the voice cast looks fantastic. Look for an interview with writer/designer Ashton Raze on Nerdy but Flirty soon!

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