Zelda: Mystery of Solarus – The End! w/ Allahweh

After many months, we finally reach the end of our journey in Zelda: Mystery of Solarus. Here in this video, I take on the game’s final dungeon and then battle the evil Ganon. The final fight is pretty crazy, but unique and well-designed, and all-in-all I walk away from this game feeling like I accomplished something by completing it.

I know I was a bit sporadic in playing through this one live and it took a good long while to beat, but I’m glad I played it through. It is a very well-made fan game and certainly worth downloading if you enjoy Zelda titles.

This series was done with my Extra-Life charity drive in mind, so if you liked it, please support the charity and also share that information so others can help as well!

Tell us what you think!

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