Rebel Base Podcast Episode 2!

As some of you may know, I’ve started a podcast with my best friend Catrina, where we talk about games, comics, and other generally geeky topics. Our first episode was filmed ahead of time just to test it out, but we’re happy to announce that our first live podcast will go up Friday, June 6th at 8pm PST on Our guest will be Jared Rosen, a member of Hot Pepper Gaming and the journalist who blew wide the Maker Game Jam fiasco.

Check out episode 1 below if you missed it, and tweet any topics/questions you want us to discuss using the hashtag #RebelBase. You can also use the hashtag to suggest guests you’d like to see on in the future!

See you at 8pm PST on Twitch!

One thought on “Rebel Base Podcast Episode 2!

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