Kickstarter: IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls

Tired of only being able to find hyper-sexualized female action figures? So are two moms from New York. They created this kick-ass-and-take-names line of female action figures called “IAmElemental.” And they’re Kickstarting it right now!


They created this line because they wanted to re-imagine traditional female action figure as fierce, powerful, healthy-looking females who kick ass. They’ve also created what they hope to be creative narratives that encourage girls to invent their own empowering stories.

They converted the Periodic Table of Elements into “The Elements of Power,” and they’ll unveil these powers, series by series, one after the other. The first one for this Kickstarter is the Courage Series.


I love the fact that all of the figures’ armor makes complete sense and doesn’t have boob windows – oh, and it’s freaking awesome. They also have different removable accessories and cool shields. All of their accessories and shields are tailored to the women’s different powers.


The creators do want to specify that they aren’t anti-doll or anti-princess, they just want there to be a range of stories that girls can invent and a range of toys for them to play with.

Here’s some of the reward levels:

  • $10 – POWER PLAY 1. Single Elemental Figure Mystery Pack & acknowledgement on our site. Exclusive to Kickstarter! After the launch, individual figures will only be available in retail stores or by subscription.
  • $30 – TRIPLE PLAY 3 Three Figures and NO Hat. For those whose heads feel well covered but need a little more power in hand. And listing in the Thank you – of course.
  • $65 – ******Kickstarter Exclusive! COMPLETE COURAGE SERIES in COLLECTIBLE CARRY CASE. ******** This is it. Get the entire series in a special carrying case. Case includes: All 7 action figures in the series, including their shields & interchangable accessories, 1 IAmElemental Workbook, 1 Drawstring Carry Bag, 1 Bracelet.

They’ve already completely funded, so no worries about that! There’s only a few days left though, so get on it if you want these kickass women action figures! The Kickstarter ends Thursday, Jun 12th, 2014 at 8:56 AM CDT.

Tell us what you think!

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