Night Terrors – Vanish w/ Allahweh

On May 27, 2014, I did another evening of horror-themed games, both fairly short experiences. The first of these was Vanish, a game created by 3DrunkMen and whose alpha version was released in July of 2013. As of yet, no plans have been announced to work on the game any further.

In Vanish, players take the role of an unnamed character who finds themself trapped in a vast underground network of barely-lit tunnels (a sewer or other sort of service area, perhaps?), filled with rusty and creaky pipes, bad electrical systems, ominous notes and clues about “things” hiding in the dark, and, worse yet, strange creatures that look like they came right out of the movie The Descent. The story is pretty minimal, with information given to you in the form of notes left by others who were here before you, and all-in-all the game is an experience that can be cleared in 15 minutes (if lucky) or much longer if unlucky. Death in the game means starting over from the very beginning again, so players need to be very careful as they follow the clues in the tunnels and look for a means to escape.

Overall, I found this game to be very entertaining and also quite fear-inducing. The game is great at forcing you outside of your comfort zone by making you travel through dark tunnels, walk towards the sources of terrible sounds, climb through narrow passageways cut out of brick and concrete by creatures that are undoubtedly nearby, all while having Amnesia-like symptoms that occur when your character’s fear levels get very high.

The game may be short, but it’s free, and it’s certainly worth the download.

Now that we’re really moving forward with these, I may pick a certain night a week to stream them. This way, it won’t feel as if people are getting inundated with horror videos. Though, if you’re are enjoying these, let me know and I may do them a tad more often!

Score: A-

Scare Factor: Quite Creepy with Notable Comfort-Breaking Experiences

9 thoughts on “Night Terrors – Vanish w/ Allahweh

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  2. Aww. my loooong reply got eaten! Anyway, Baby Blues ( and Lumber island ( are both on Desura. The first one is slightly similar to Among the Sleep in that the lead is a child, but BB has more realistic visuals and you’re basically collecting teddy bears in a dark house and trying not to get too freaked out.

    I’m not a fan of Slenderman at all (it’s a LOUSY and non-scary modern myth!), but Lumber Island is more of a survival mystery with a nice cinematic opening, some lovely visuals and a rather unusual teddy bear you’ll discover as you creep around with your flashlight. I believe Dean (the guy who made the game) is charging $1.99 for the two chapters here. The game was initially free for the first chapter, but the price isn’t bad for what you’re getting.

    I really wish Frictional would remake FIEND, its first game, as it was pretty scary for a top-down Lovecraft-inspired adventure! They had a download for a while somewhere, but I don’t have the bookmark anymore (boo!).

    Oh, and look into Miasmata if you haven’t heard about it yet: ( It’s not a horror game per se, but it’s really cool from what I’ve seen in videos and watching a friend play. it’s $14.99, but I love the fact that it’s made by two people, looks fantastic and pretty much leaves you to discover things as you try to survive…

    • Lumber Island does sound neat, and for $1.99 you can’t go too terribly wrong with it I would not think, LOL. I should probably pick it up. I don’t think Desura has a wish list or anything, does it? Not that it matters as I don’t have any contacts added on there 😛 But yes, thanks for the information about it, I did not know it was much more than a Slendy clone, and am glad to find out that it is!

      Baby Blues will be interesting, I need to check out some YT videos and see what it looks like.

      Miasmata is a game I own! I actually have not played it yet, but I have seen the videos of it. The creature is kind of weird and not scary, but I think the scary part is the fact that if it gets you, you’re pretty much done, so it is more of a primal fear about survival. The island idea is really neat, which brings about another game…

      The Forest just came out a couple days ago, and that game looks phenomenal. I really want to give it a shot and that one I did add to my wish list on Steam 🙂

  3. I need to read this entire series on horror games you’ve done now! Have you tried Among the Sleep, Baby Blues or Lumber Island yet? I’d recommend all of those as nicely creepy games.

    • From what little I know, Lumber Island seems kind of Slender-y, right? Still could be cool. I know a bit about Among the Sleep and it seems like it would be fun, and I have not heard of Baby Blues – what is that one about?

      Yeah, I’ve only done four of these so far, so feel free to check the others out and watch some of the videos too 🙂

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