Kickstarter: The Breakout – WWII Point-and-Click


You might remember my news article on The Breakout a couple weeks ago. The Kickstarter has now launched, and you should totally check it out! There seem to be more games coming out lately with a prison theme (like 1954 Alcatraz), and I’ve always enjoyed the genre, so I think that’s cool.

The plot: “Shot down behind enemy lines, Lt. Guy Kassel is captured and thrown into the most feared prison camp of all: Verdammen Hof. Hoping to regain his freedom and return home to his beloved fiancée, Guy teams up with a group of specialist escapees who devise their most daring breakout yet.” Influences include 90s point-and-click adventures and movies like The Great Escape. The game will also have some stealthy sequences.

Reward levels include thanks, the game itself, a digi-art book, the soundtrack, early beta access, digital posters and wallpapers, your name in graffiti in the game, you as a prisoner or guard in the game [men only, due to time period], name in the credits, an invite to the launch party, and more. A note on the men-only thing – even though the prisoners and guards are all men, you do get to play as Lt. Kassel’s wife, a member of as La Resistance, I noted in the news article.

They have a £49,500 goal to reach by May 12, 2014.

Here’s a video of some early gameplay:

Here’s the Facebook, the official site, and the Kickstarter page! Help out if you can. You’ll be able to play on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game has been voted through Greenlight here!

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