The Breakout – Escape a POW Camp During WWII


Pixel Trip Studios is currently hard at work on The Breakout, a point-and-click adventure game set during World War II. As a captured soldier, you are tasked to break out of a high-security POW camp. You’ll be able to play multiple characters, including the main character’s fiancée, who is fighting in La Resistance!

I’m really excited about this game, as there aren’t a lot of (any?) historical point-and-click adventure games – as you have probably guessed based on most of the reviews I write for the site, I’m a huge adventure game fan. I think the genre could do with something a little more unexpected and realistic.

A full Kickstarter is due to start soon, so I’ll be sure to follow up when it begins! In the meantime, check out the Facebook page and the official site, where you can sign up for the newsletter!

2 thoughts on “The Breakout – Escape a POW Camp During WWII

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