Subject 5: Assassins with Superpowers

“Dr. Ludwig has kidnapped a group of five children with superpowers. He trains them in a secret compound until they reach adulthood. They have been broken down, trained, programmed, and most importantly…they are ready to follow orders. The mission is simple. Hunt down and KILL people from his visions who he is convinced will destroy humanity. Now they must appear normal in a world they have never been a part of as they race against the clock to find people from these fragmented visions.”

Calling all sci-fi and action enthusiasts – a new web series is in production by Salsera Productions, LLC! Inspired by X-Men, Heroes, The Matrix, and Misfits, these super-assassins are on a mission to eliminate the threats to humanity. Focusing on five teenage subjects and their awkward battle between puberty and superpowers, this series looks at Dr. Ludwig’s crazed visions and his commands. 


Recently, the focus has been on building the Subject 5 brand and package. In addition, SUBJECT 5 CON, a tiny version of Comic Con with panels, showcasing local artists, and creating an overall networking experience for lovers of sci-fi, anime, horror, and comic books, has increased anticipation of the series. The Indiegogo campaign has a week left to amass funding for its project. The initial $15k goal is the minimum needed for the pilot. In addition, the project is looking for funds for the locations, cast, stunt coordinator, costumes, crew, insurance, character drawings, food, permits, special effects, props and editing. With your help, the project can reach its stretch goal of $20k for better special effects, props, and marketing!

Perks of backing include t-shirts, signed drawing, walk-on roles, podcasts, shout-outs, script copies, and more! Hop on over to the Indiegogo campaign, or to the official website for further information, to acquaint yourself with the people behind the project, pics, and videos. In addition, find the project on Facebook and Twitter!


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