Kickstarter: 10 Cent Pistol Film with Jenna Malone and Joe Mantegna


10 Cent Pistol is an already-completed independent film that needs a bit of help with getting distributed. The makers of the movie, Damon and JT Alexander, want to retain creative control of the film, which is why they don’t want to go through major studios to get the film to the public, and it’s also the reason why they’re Kickstarting their project.

The film stars Jenna Malone (The Hunger Games), Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds), Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy), Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie), and the two makers of the movie, Damon and JT Alexander.

Joe Mantegna on the set of 10 Cent Pistol

Joe Mantegna on the set of 10 Cent Pistol

The movie is about two brothers who are partners in crime. They pull off tons of jobs, big and small. But then it all goes sour.

“Their string of success comes to an abrupt end when a job goes horribly wrong. The two find themselves with their backs against the walls; a crooked mob lawyer has it out for them, LAPD has them under surveillance, a sexy femme fatale has tangled them into a love triangle, and the biggest job of their careers is hanging in the balance. And the biggest adversary threatening the brothers – each other!”

The money from the Kickstarter will go towards getting the film distributed online and in DVD/Blu-ray form. They will be creating the cover art, doing the subtitles, and creating and editing the special features themselves.

Check out some of the reward levels:

  • $10 – Prerelease streaming viewing of 10 Cent Pistol
  • $15 – Digital download of 10 Cent Pistol
  • $25 – DVD copy of 10 Cent Pistol
  • $30 – A signed Sons of Anarchy cast photo from Emilio Rivera, plus a digital copy of 10 Cent Pistol

The Kickstarter ends Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM CST. Here’s the link if you want to go pledge!

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