Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans 2014


It was year two of Wizard World’s Comic Con in New Orleans, and I went for the first time this year. There were a ton of comics, some gaming, lots of art and jewelry, and some very big names, specifically Matt Smith (of Dr. Who fame), Alan Tudyk (from Firefly), Norman Reedus ( from The Walking Dead), and Stan Lee (from he’s effing Stan Lee). I did not pay the $50-$100 to take a picture or having something signed by any of them, so no pictures for you. Sorry!


I spent a decent amount of my time walking around the exhibition hall, asking myself over and over if I really actually needed a lightsaber. I bought a few things, the first being geeky makeup and nail wraps. That’s right, I said geeky makeup and nail wraps! They’re made by the company Espionage Cosmetics, which is run by lovely and fashionable ladies.


The make up is all mineral powder, which means you can wear it on your lips, cheeks, or on your eyelids. All of them are nerdy themed, and I got their Browncoats collection, which comes with an adorable mini Jayne hat. So cute! I love the Reaver Red color for my lips. The other colors (Shiny, Mrs. Reynolds, and Sudden but Inevitable) are all equally adorable too.


I also snagged some Dr. Who nail wraps, which are stick-on insta-manicures that last for about two to three weeks with a top coat of clear nail polish. Unfortunately, unless you see the ladies at a con, you can’t get most of the amazing wraps yet, because they’re Kickstarter exclusive for now. You can buy some of them on ThinkGeek, and soon you’ll be able to buy all of the styles for yourself – and girl, you’ll want to. The other way you can get them is through the giveaway we’ll be doing with them soon, so keep checking back to see when we have our shiny nail wraps giveaway! One of the wraps has never been part of a giveaway before, so it’s super special.

Another thing I did was hang out with my fiancé in the board gaming area. There was a free game library with over 200 games, and there were definitely some we’d never even heard of before. Being major tabletop gaming nerds, we spent most of our time there.

One of the first games we played was called Love Letter. It’s super easy and fun, and only takes about 20 minutes. The point of the game is to be the last person standing, so that the princess reads your letter and not your competitors’ letters. We also played Galaxy Trucker, which takes about an hour and a half. You build a whole spaceship, and then you go on quests with said ship to get cargo and passengers. The one with the best ship who manages to make the most money wins! It’s a bit of a ridiculous game, but super fun. The last one we played was called Flashpoint. You’re firefighters attempting to save people from a burning house while also putting out fires. It’s a cooperative game, and has the same feel of Pandemic. It’s fun and takes less than an hour to play.


There were a few things that made the con very fit for New Orleans. For one, there was a ton of alcohol offered, not just at the food places, but there were also bars on the floor itself. Haha! Oh New Orleans, you silly girl. Also, there were some strip clubs that had booths, like Barley Legal, which definitely felt a little off for me. But one awesomely cool thing was that the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus was there!


During Mardi Gras, all of the parades are run by krewes. They make the floats and you pay a ton of money to be a part of them. So, Chewbacchus is a relatively new walking krewe (meaning they don’t have giant floats), and they’re riffing off of an existing krewe called Bacchus (after the Greek God). And, if you couldn’t tell, Chewbacchus is sci-fi themed. Awesome! There are a ton of sub-krewes that roll with the parade, such as the Krewe d’Who and the Rolling Elliots (E.T phone home). It’s awesome. It’s only $42 to join for a year — how appropriate. And they have tons of fun things that they roll with, such as Bar-2-D-2. I’m joining next year; it’ll be epic.


After more roaming around and seeing art and clothes, we decided to go ahead and line up for the costume contest – to watch, not compete. The costume contest was being entered by the people on Syfy’s show Heroes of Cosplay, so it was being taped. Yaya Han was one of the judges. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, the experience didn’t live up to my expectations – but that’s a whole other article that I’ll be writing soon.


All-in-all, I had lots of fun at the con, but despite the big names they got to be there, you could tell it was a young con. There wasn’t a lot to do in the way of panels, and there weren’t many vendors. Granted, I’m very spoiled by Gen Con, which has been going for over 20 years and has about 50,000 attendees, but it was still a little meh for me, especially because it cost $75 for three days, and Friday and Sunday aren’t even full days.

What’s your favorite con? What’s your favorite thing about conventions? Let me know in the comments! For now, I’ll leave you with a TARDIS and a Dalek!



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