Kickstarter: Momocon College and Game Career Fair

In 10 years, Momocon has grown from a free convention to a prolific anime convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Born from Georgia Tech’s Anime O-Tekku club, Momocon reached 12,000 attendees in 2013. The convention focuses on Japanese culture, including anime, video games, and cosplay. Previously, Momocon was held on Georgia Tech’s campus, but after outgrowing that venue, it moved to downtown Atlanta’s Hilton and Marriott Marquis. A highly successful video game careers panel at the last iteration of this convention has shown the organizers that there’s a lot of interest in working in the gaming industry. Through that, the idea of a career fair was born. A Kickstarter was created to help the project come to fruition.


This particular panel included representatives from a variety of game companies, including Riot Games, Bioware, and Hi-Rez studios. The fact that Momocon was able to see the passion of its attendees for careers in the gaming industry and create a career fair to help them out is amazing. The career fair will also be free to attend, as it’s held the day before the convention’s official start date of May 22, 2014.

Not only is Momocon looking for backers to help make this successful for attendees, but they’re also looking for any interested game companies or colleges to participate in the career fair. Rewards range from the $1 level all the way through the $3,500 level. Check out the promotional video!

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