I Wish More Comics Were Like This…Killjoys Finale Review

Killjoys rocked my socks. This series is the most amazing string of stories, metaphors, love, and loss that I have ever read. It will stay with me forever. Read it.

So, The Girl is almost to Battery City; will shit hit the fan? Blue has found Destroya, and has learned so much from her discovery. Kourse is running free, and what of the Phoenix Witch? This issue brings everyone’s stories together in Battery City. Get ready for the ride of your life and some tears; the conclusion will blow you away.

I can’t say much more than that for my synopsis. This series, and finale, are just too good to give anything away at all. I have such a connection to all of these characters – they are beautifully written with incredible passion. I am marveled by the metaphors for big business and corporations in this series. To paint it the way Gerard did is truly disturbing, but major corporations are pretty disturbing. They literally suck the life out of people… (That’s a hint for you new readers, by the way). The love and loss in Killjoys was heartbreaking and warming at the same time.  I hope Gerard never stops writing comics. This story will tug on every part of your heart, especially at the conclusion.

Please, if you read anything this year, comics or not, read this. It will change you. Go find it now at your local store or here at Dark Horse.

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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