The 5 Punniest Gifts For Your Lady This Holiday Season

This holiday season, give gifts that make everyone laugh! Each of these gifts has the benefit of coming with cheesy one-liners, puns, or bad jokes that make everyone laugh and groan. Your lady will definitely appreciate these thoughtful, nerdy gifts.

1. The Tea-Rex Tea Infuser


This silicone tea infuser is molded in the shape of a dinosaur to make tea-time fun! Simply fill the dinosaur with tea and hang from the edge of your cup to brew the perfect cup of tea. Found on Amazon for $10.99, it’s a great gift for the tea enthusiast in your life.

Suggested jokes: “You’re sick if you believe tea wrecks a meal!” “How do you ask a dinosaur to lunch? Tea, Rex?” “This could only make dino-mite tea!” “No tea-sing, this is the best infuser around!”

2. China Glazes’s Peachykeen Nail Polish


Almost cantaloupe or coral-colored, this lovely shade of nail polish is perfect for spring and summer – or perhaps a winter getaway! The high-quality nail polish is used in nail salons, is easy to apply, and slow to chip off. It’s $5.95 on Amazon, and great for the nail polish lover.

Suggested jokes: “This peach nail polish is anything but pit-iful.” “Hopefully the peachy nail polish won’t cause you to jam your fingers!”

3. (Fe) Woman T-Shirt


This fun and informative shirt is emblazoned with the periodic table entry for (Fe), or Iron! Perfect for ironic superhero dress-up, once the shirt is donned, the wearer instantly becomes Iron Woman. Comes in a variety of colors and cuts, and the cost ranges from $29.70 – $35.70 on

Suggested jokes: “You could do cartwheels in this shirt, and then they would be Ferrous wheels!” “You’re now an iron maiden!” “If you teamed up with the Silver Surfer, you’d be alloys!”

4. DC Shot Glasses


This trio of glasses is the best addition to any party or get together! Adorned with adorable little capes, these glasses are guaranteed to make you feel a little more super before the inevitable fuzzy next morning. $14.99 on ThinkGeek – divvy the set up, or give all the glasses to your super lady.

Suggested jokes: “I’d suggest you put just-ice in your drink!” “A little liquid courage will help you Two-Face reality!” “Fill these with mixed drinks, and it would be a punch line!”

5.  Star Wars Heroes and Villains Pancake Molds


A trio of nonstick steel molds, in the shapes of Darth Vader, a stormtrooper, and Yoda! They’re easy to use. Pour the batter into the mold on a preheated griddle, let the first side set, remove the mold, and flip. Currently on sale for $7.99, regularly $19.99 at Williams-Sonoma, they’re adorable and great for ladies and geeks of all ages.

Suggested jokes: “These pancakes will crepe up on you!” “It’s a ‘griddle’ to see if these are the pancakes you’re looking for!” “Don’t waffle about – make pancakes!” “Rihanna likes her pancakes filled with Nutella-ella-ella!”

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