Kickstarter: Bloom: Memories – A New Kind of Action-Adventure RPG


Bloom: Memories from Studio Fawn is a Kickstarter that ends tomorrow. Their initial goal was $40,000, and they have nearly reached $56,000 as of this writing. If you still want to get in on the action, you can help them meet their second stretch goal ($65,000) of a prologue chapter. Their first stretch goal, to add in Russian, German, and one community-voted language, has been reached.

Watch the trailer:

Official plot:

“No one really knows when the remnants of the past began to stir, when they decided to reclaim a world that had moved on long ago. For many years they had encroached on our lands, slowly driving us back as their corruption spread. Their strength was overwhelming and even I and the other guardians were helpless to stop them, though many of us died trying. At the front of the assault were their skeletal machines, abominations of hollow souls and metal…of which they had a seemingly endless supply. You see, this was a battle of attrition, and it was a battle we were losing. Though rumors abound, what is known for certain is at the heart of the corruption are the Eternal, known to us before only as mere stories to scare children. Men? Machines? Perversions of life. It was there at their very heart, from amongst the Eternal, that, one day, a mysterious woman escaped. She too was an abomination, but I could feel she was somehow different…and in frantic desperation. So I reached out to her, offering her refuge in our forest. It was once she arrived that I realized why she had seemed so different. Somehow inside her grew new life, and she couldn’t stand her child being twisted into the monsters which attacked us. We worked quickly, gathering pieces of the fallen machines to house her child’s life, and in the end were successful. She gave birth. Though her child was broken, weak, and helpless; he was alive…and that is where our story begins.


The team says that Bloom: Memories is being created to move away from violence and domination; you can play the entire game without harming anyone. The option is there if you want it, but they want to make a game that truly allows the player to make their own decisions with regards to how to approach problems – combat, stealth, or simply talking. If you’re violent, however, the world may become more violent; be kinder, and the world reflects this too. This sounds similar to the Fable mechanic (if it had worked as promised). There are some RPGs where it’s possible to never kill anyone, but it normally requires a convoluted method, and isn’t the way the game was intended to be played. If Bloom: Memories pulls this off, I think it will be amazing. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Influences include The Legend of ZeldaThief: The Dark Project, Loom (and other point-and-click adventure games), and Harvest Moon (along with RPG dialogue). The game has been Greenlit. You can visit Studio Fawn’s official site, like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and subscribe on YouTube. Get the pre-alpha engine demo here, and back the game here!


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