This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Man Exposes Wife on PS4

You know, I’m really at a loss of words for this one. I don’t even know how to start this.

A man by the tag of Darckobra (see how cool he is by switching the “c” and “k”?) got drunk with his wife and decided to stream it on Twitch using PS4’s easy link. After many, many, many drinks, his wife passed out on the couch.

So, like any normal person, he turned off the stream and took his wife to bed. Wait, no, this man is a RAGING ASSHOLE.


(Even though their faces are already blurred, I’m blocking out the rest of his wife for her protection.)

The man lifted up his unconscious wife’s shirt and exposed her breasts. Yes, all on a live Twitch stream. The screen then went black for 15 minutes and, upon return, the wife was completely naked, exposed on Twitch, stripped down by her own husband. Keep in mind, she was still passed out drunk.


Unless they are exhibitionists or the wife had agreed to this beforehand (which it doesn’t seem like she did), this man sexually assaulted his own wife on a live stream. And yes, it’s still considered rape/sexual assault even if both people are involved with each other. Consent is not automatic just because you’re married/involved/in a relationship. Twitch and Sony did the right thing by banning and shutting down his account.

What pisses me off the most is that every single place that posted this incident is all about, “Oh no! What is Sony going to do?!” “How will PS4 survive this kind of association?!” SERIOUSLY?! That’s what the gaming sites are worried about? How will this effect Twitch and Sony?! That’s what you’re talking about?

How about the fact that this man assaulted his wife on a live stream? In fact, NO gaming news site seems to be even coming close. Usually, its just a blip when talking about PS4 Playroom’s problems, and it’s usually covered as an “incident where a couple got drunk, then naked.”

Good job, guys! Way to completely miss the actual problem. Who cares what Sony or Twitch are going to do? They have nothing to do with this. That’s like asking what Comcast or CenturyLink is going to do when one of their users is downloading kiddie porn. Completely irrelevant. But don’t worry, the gaming community knew exactly what to do: start a console war to rival South Park’s epic console war in the comments section. Yes, what a perfectly logical article to debate which console delivers better 1080p with 60 fps or 1080i with 60 fps or oh my God, who the hell cares? 


Here, have a completely irrelevant spec sheet! (Image courtesy of GamesSkinny.)

Or even better: “She might have consented beforehand, you never know.” Or: “She hasn’t pressed charges yet, so it’s not sexual assault.” Probably because it’s only been a week since the incident, or she wants to keep legal charges under wraps or, worse yet, she probably doesn’t even know that it happened.

At least none of the comments said, “She deserved it for getting passed out drunk. lol!” I guess that’s a step up from the community’s usual rhetoric.

Point is, we don’t know the circumstances before or what’s happening after. What we do know is that the man completely stripped down his wife, on a live stream, while she was completely unconscious. That is NOT okay.

It’s this exact kind of nonsense that shows why gamers and the gaming industry in general will never be taken seriously. We’ll only been seen as childish and immature, which is a big part of the reason the industry is suffering in general. We can’t take real issues seriously, and everything’s always a joke. We need to clean up our community, our attitude, and how we act.

In all honesty, I’m sick of this, and I’m more embarrassed to be geek/nerd/gamer than I was in the past.

On a completely unrelated note, PS4 and Twitch are permanently shutting down Playroom due to too much non-gaming content and naked people exposing themselves. Bravo, people!


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7 thoughts on “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Man Exposes Wife on PS4

  1. I had no idea this was going on, but good on Sony and Twitch for blocking the user and ending Playroom. This is/was wrong on so many levels.

  2. Really well written piece, I wasnt aware of this horrid incident, I’d heard that inappropriate material was being streamed on there but I had no idea that a sexual assault had taken place.

    I googled this and I assume that the writer here is mainly referring to a piece on Kotaku in which the writer seems to completely miss or chose to ignore the fact that a sexual assault had taken place, I had a scroll through the comments though and have to say a lot of people in the comments sections were quick to point that out, so humanity is not lost.

    I think that Twitch and or Sony did the right thing in immediately banning the user but I also don’t think that goes far enough and I hope they also reported the matter to the Police.

  3. I’m curious as to why, exactly that a woman is responsible for being abused, raped, stripped naked and humiliated when drunk, but being drunk is seen as a legit excuse for men.

    • Huh?!?!?! It’s actually the other way around, Amy. The law, as it is written, actually holds that if a woman is sufficiently inebriated, she does not possess the required faculties to make informed decisions, and therefore, any sexual advancement on the part of a male may constitute gross sexual imposition — even if the inebriated woman fully consents to the acts carried out. However, if the man is likewise inebriated, the law does not recognize any such relief as to the responsibility he holds for his own actions. The male, no matter his state of intoxication, has a legal obligation to accurately asses for her the woman’s state of inebriation and conduct himself accordingly. The inebriated female shares no similar burden. And, if a sexual act occurs in such a state of mutual inebriation, regardless of any manner of consent on the part of the woman, the male bears sole and full legal responsibility for the act. I mean, c’mon! Men are constantly being accused of taking advantage of women when they’re drunk — some have gone to prison for it. Have you ever heard of the reverse being true? Even once? I’m sorry, but I suspect you’re just not living in the real world.

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