The Legend of Korra Continues: Season Finale Review!

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It’s over folks; Book Two is complete. And goodness, was it an epic finale.

The episode starts with Vaatu escaping from his prison. Korra, intelligently, air bends Unalaq out of the spirit world and back to the human world through the spirit portal. She sends Mako and Bolin to hold him off while she fights Vaatu. She almost has Vaatu imprisoned again when Unalaq manages to break through the brothers’ defenses, with the help of his own children.

Vaatu and Unalaq merge, becoming the dark avatar. An epic battle ensues between Korra and Unalaq. (Side note: I love the fact that Unalaq only water and spirit bends. To me, that totally makes sense, because even though he’s an avatar, he still would need to train to use the other three elements) Unalaq bests Korra, throws her down into a rift of ice, and starts crushing her. Korra connects with Raava, who tells her the fight isn’t over and, reinvigorated, she breaks out of the ice.

Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin are imprisoned in blocks of ice, being watched over by the twins. Mako first tries reasoning with Desna, who starts to come around. But Eska cuts him off, and encourages him to stay true to their father, at which point Bolin bursts into tears and tells Eska he loves her, and that he wishes the world wasn’t about to end so that they could give it another chance. Eska kisses him, (haha, the spit trail!) releasing them both from their prisons (AWWW!). The brothers run to the fight, and Mako compliments Bolin on his acting, to which Bolin half-heartedly agrees. Aw, how cute is that?! He really actually likes her!


Both of them get to the fight, but not until after Unalaq has managed to rip Raava out of Korra and destroy the spirit of light. Each time he chips away at Raava, Korra sees more and more of the previous Avatars being erased. Bolin and Mako try to fight Unalaq, but are completely defeated. Unalaq turns into a giant monster, somehow manages to teleport to Republic City, and he wreaks havoc.

The other half of the episode until now was full of Tenzin and his siblings trying to find Tenzin’s daughter. They get lost, and Iroh turns up to advise them. The three of them manage to get themselves taken to the mist of lost souls, which is a spirit prison for lost humans. The mist is actually a spirit who imprisons people by causing them to get stuck in their darkest thoughts, and therefore lose themselves (which is a pretty cool concept!).

Both his siblings succumb quickly to the spirit, and so does Tenzin. But thankfully, Tenzin realizes who he is and breaks free, enabling him to save his daughter, brother, and sister. As they’re walking away from the mist, Jinora senses that Unalaq has won, and leaves to go help the world.


Once they are out, they find Mako, Bolin, and Korra badly injured. Tenzin’s sister is a healer, and she puts them in spirit water to heal them. They all wake up and Korra tells everyone that Raava is dead and that she’s the last Avatar. Tenzin steps up to comfort her, and (for once) he gives her awesome advice. He tells her that she needs to connect with who she is, and that Raava did not define her. He takes her to the tree of memory, and she sits to meditate.

She connects with herself, and remembers Wan asking Raava why the dark and light hadn’t killed each other. Raava tells him that neither can be destroyed. Korra connects with her spirit, which then walks out of her body and becomes a giant spirit version of herself. She travels to Republic City just like Unalaq did, and fights him.


So Jaeger Korra has an epic battle with Kaiju Unalaq, during which Unalaq bests Korra (again). The only thing that saves spirit Jaeger Korra from being obliterated is Jinora. Jinora shows up right at the last moment and shows Korra the light inside the dark, Raava inside Vaatu.

Korra breaks free and manages to bend Kaiju Unalaq out of existence. Raava and Korra hurry back to the spirit world and fuse once more. Korra returns to her body (right before the hordes of dark spirits were ready to tear her to pieces). Unfortunately, her connection to the past Avatars is broken. Despite this, Korra makes the decision to leave the spirit portals open so that spirits and humans can live together again, which I think is the right decision. In the end, Korra and Mako break up for good, and so do Bolin and Eska. Not sure where Asami stands in all of this though…

I definitely enjoyed the episode, even if some parts were a little repetitive. Every fight that Korra had, she lost first, then rallied, and then lost again. Until the last fight, that is. I really enjoyed the comedic aspects of the episode and the mist prison; I thought that idea was super cool. I also liked how both couples mutually realized that they didn’t work and broke up, which is a very wise thing to do. I also appreciate that Korra is making thoughtful decisions and that she realized she’s a person outside of being the Avatar. All-in-all, definitely enjoyable!

Score: A-

3 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra Continues: Season Finale Review!

  1. Loved this season and liked this episode. I must admit though, I did not really get Tenzin’s bit with Aang. At first I thought it was the mist messing with him, but Tenzin legitimately seemed to have an epiphany here, and I don’t think that’s what the Mist of Lost Souls is supposed to do to you.

    Also Jaeger Korra (love the name BTW!) sort of came out of no where too. If Korra could connect to her inner spirit and do that, couldn’t anyone? It felt a bit Deus Ex Machina, like she did not earn that victory.

    • I definitely agree with you on both points!! Yeah, the moment Kaiju Unalaq appeared, I was like “Wait um what? How come the Avatar never did that?” My only thought was that he could spirit bend really well…?

      They definitely don’t explain that at all. It felt just like something the creators wanted to do to make it feel more epic.

      In regards to Tenzin, I totally thought Ang was going to tell him he was a failure! And then they’d all be lost! But it’s a kids show… so I guess that’s why they made everyone come back okay…

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