Good, Old-Fashioned Adventures: Deadfall Adventures Review

Deadfall Adventures is a first-person action-adventure game developed by The Farm 51 and published by Nordic Games; it’s available for both PC and Xbox 360. This game sounded right up my alley, with tomb raiding, mysterious events, and supernatural entities. For the most part, I wasn’t disappointed. Check out the trailer:



You are James Lee Quartermain, the ancestor of the famous adventurer Allan Quartermain. James has agreed to help the U.S. government find an ancient artifact before the Nazis can get their hands on it, with the aid of his trusty companion/ love interest. You must raid several tombs in different locations around the world to find the pieces of the broken treasure. Along the way, you encounter mummies, Russians, and, of course, Nazis.

Graphics and Sound


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the graphics. Nordic Games utilized the power of the Unreal engine to create beautiful tombs, deserts, arctic landscapes, superb lighting, and other gorgeous sights. I did encounter some texture pop-in and framerate glitches during my playthrough though.

Voice acting is top-notch, even if the soundtrack is a tad cliché. Every character sounded like a real human being with emotion, unlike some games where your character feels, well, like a video game character. The subtitles are on point and accurate, which was delightful. Also, all of the in-game sound effects were superb (i.e., rocks falling, gunshots, traps activating.)



The controls for Deadfall Adventures are one of the weakest assets of the game. Shooting is twitchy and often misses your intended mark, and aiming is very sensitive, which caused me to perish often during my playthrough just because I was trying to aim my weapons at the intended target but I couldn’t lock on to the enemy. The in-game notebook, which wasn’t very helpful, felt like an added-on addition to compete with the Uncharted games. Also, the compass to find treasures often didn’t locate any treasures, even if the precious commodity was right in front of James. Puzzles were also another stumbling block. They were either too easy or too obtuse, which left me unsatisfied, and I never felt a sense of accomplishment from solving any of the puzzles. One feature that I found unique and compelling in the game was the use of James’s flashlight, which weakens mummies and renders them vulnerable to bullets. I did enjoy the overall story and the hunt for the treasure, even if the gun play and puzzles were underwhelming.

Sadly, I could not review the multiplayer portion of the game at the time of writing, since Deadfall Adventures is a European release for Xbox 360, and I could not find other players to start a session with.

Final Verdict

Deadfall Adventures is a fun action-adventure title that fills an often-overlooked niche and is perfect for anyone looking to scratch that adventuring itch. There are some niggles, such as poor gun play and underwhelming puzzles, but overall I recommend checking this game out. It’s an enjoyable but flawed experience; you could say it’s a diamond in the rough. I hope to see a sequel for Deadfall Adventures that addresses the flaws of the first game and adds to the awesome narrative.


Check out the official website, follow the game on Twitter, and check out their Facebook page. The game is available to purchase from Steam for $40.00 (standard edition) or $50.00 (deluxe edition). The deluxe edition includes the game, original soundtrack, making-of, artbook, and the two DLC expansions. It’s also available for Xbox 360 for $40.00 or $50.00 for the deluxe edition, which includes everything that the PC deluxe edition includes besides the DLC.

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