Kickstarter: Lords of Xulima – An Epic Story of Gods and Humans


Lords of Xulima: An Epic Story of Gods and Humans actually started as an Indiegogo campaign, which was successful. The goal for that was $10,000, and that’s the goal for the Kickstarter as well. The team behind it is Numantian Games, and this is going to be their first game. The company is based out of Spain, but also includes people from the US and Poland.

Here’s the trailer:

Lords of Xulima is an isometric, turn-based, single-player, 2D role-playing game. It is set on a mythical lost continent called Xulima, where the world makers lived in ancient times. The game features a vast, challenging world where you will lead Gaulen the Explorer and five of his companions on an epic journey filled with the struggles of Gods and Humans.

The game is heavily inspired by UltimaMight & Magic, Wizardry, and Baldur’s Gate. The team wants to “capture the complexity of past RPGs and deliver them in a modern game.” There will be more than sixty hours of playtime, a fully-creatable party with up to six characters, turn-based combat in first person view, and hand-drawn 2D graphics.


Reward levels start at $3, it’s $15 for an early-bird copy of the game, you can get some in-game statues and NPCs designed with your input, and the $10,000 level will get you a full weekend in Madrid for two people to meet the team. There’s some great stuff in there.

Lords of Xulima is currently 70% complete and should be available in February 2014 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In the future, it should also be available for iOS and Android. There’s also a bunch of stretch goals, and each one will be revealed when the previous one is reached.

Back the project here! You have until November 29th.

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight, visit the official website, like the team on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe on YouTube.

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