Call of Catthulhu RPG Kickstarter: AKA the Cutest Cthulhu EVER!

Okay, so this Kickstarter is so freaking cute, I can’t even talk straight. But I’ll do my best.


CALL OF CATTHULHU is the rules-light roleplaying game where all the characters are ordinary cats, opposing the Chaos Cults of the other Animal Gods. You are the Cat Heroes who must stop the Chaos Gods of other animals from conquering the world – and the humans will never know!”

It’s so cute! Isn’t it cute? I have the original edition that premiered at Gen Con 2013, and the characters, world, and rules are hysterical and adorable. If you like cats and Cthulhu, this is the tabletop RPG for you!

It’s already met its paltry goal of $2,000, and has blown through multiple stretch goals, including adding cat dice, making the book full-color, a catthulhu scarf, and more.

Here are some of the pledge levels:

  • $3 – You get the original PDF of rules that premiered at Gen Con 2013.
  • $9 – One cat die for your collection. Add $5 for each additional cat die you want.
  • $10 – You get the digital download of the deluxe edition and an immediate download of the original edition.
  • $20 – Physical book! Plus both PDF downloads.
  • $30 – Physical book + PDFs + a pair of cat dice!


Look at how cute those cat dice are! And two other colors have already been unlocked! The Kickstarter ends Monday, Dec 2, 11:59pm EST. So go check it out and totally buy this adorable-ness!


4 thoughts on “Call of Catthulhu RPG Kickstarter: AKA the Cutest Cthulhu EVER!

  1. My cats will be happy about this. I’m pretty sure the reason they jump on me all hours of the night is to prevent my sleeping mind from being devoured by something unpronounceable in the dreamlands. This game might have all the answers. Thanks!

    • Oh it totally has all the answers! And the kickstarter rewards just keep getting better!! And we’re pretty sure our cats are constantly trying to scare away the invisible monsters trying to eat our minds. That’s what they do when they just suddenly take off running down the hall right?

      • I’m pretty sure all the hairballs that I find aren’t hairballs at all, but half-digested but undigestable shoggothlings that the cats have found growing under the bed (and dispatched)

        I should reward them. The little heroes.

      • It’s true. We should all give our regal cat-warriors the honor they deserve. Hence why I make sure to coo at them and pet them the way they’d like, which is not always the way I’d like to snuggle them.

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