6 of the Scariest Video Games: Why They Make You Pee Your Pants

Remember Margee Kerr, the scare expert? The one whose job it is to scare the sh** out of you? Well, she’s back, just like I promised! Check out what she has to say about some of the scariest games and why they scare us.

1. Dear Esther

“A deserted island…a lost man…memories of a fatal crash…a book written by a dying explorer.”

Dear Esther is a first-person ghost story developed by The Chinese Room, who are also known for developing Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The game throws away game conventions and lets the user explore the area, which is soaked in atmosphere. The whole island and experience might be a delusion, or it might not be. The whole point is to explore and try to figure out who you are and why you’re here – and it’s creepy too. Here’s Margee to explain why:

2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

The first Amnesia game (made by Frictional Games) is all about Daniel, who remembers almost nothing about his past. As he goes through an abandoned castle, he keeps finding notes from his past self. Oh yeah, and he keeps having these terrifying hallucinations AND there’s a monster after him. The second Amnesia game (made by both Frictional Games and The Chinese Room) takes place in 1899 in England. A wealthy industrialist wakes up from a major fever dream about a crazy machine, with no memory of how much time has passed. Beneath his feet, an engine roars to life. Super scary! Take it away, Margee!

3. The Silent Hill Series

The Silent Hill series are survival horror games. The main characters are everyday people in horrifying situations. The monsters are super creepy, and have influenced both countless films and the horror genre in general. Check out what Margee has to say about the games:

4. Fatal Frame or Project Zero

Fatal Frame, also known as Project Zero, is a Japanese survival horror game that centers around spirits. The only way to defeat or exorcise the ghosts is to take a picture of them with the “camera obscura.” The ghosts range in age and gender, and are creepy as all get out. I still remember playing this game and screaming my head off when a ghost came at me. Margee explains how the game was an innovative kind of scary:

5. Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness follows twelve different characters through time and skips back and forth between them. What made the game so revolutionary was the sanity effects; they didn’t just give you weird visions as if you were the character, they broke the fourth wall and made the player question their own sanity. Tell us more, Margee!

6. The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a recent zombie survival horror game made by Naughty Dog. The graphics are phenomenal, the voice acting is outstanding, the story is out of this world, and shit, are the zombies scary. This zombie infection is way different from any in any game that’s ever been made. Margee, please tell us what makes this game such a terrifying thrill to play!

If you enjoyed what Margee said and want more from her, follow her on Twitter and look her up on YouTube. She has a great series about different fears!

So what do you think are the scariest games you’ve ever played? Let us know! Or, if you want, tell us why you think these games are super scary!

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