Halloween for the Geek Fashionista

Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe some of you are busy with work, school, or life in general and don’t have time to make or buy a costume. If you want to still show your Halloween spirit, here are some outfits you can wear with clothes you may have in your closet.

Doctor Who

Long-sleeved white shirt to match the white outlines on the TARDIS. Shirt below is available at Papaya.


A blue skirt matching the tone of the TARDIS. Skirt below is available in Forever 21.


Another option is a pair of blue pants, like the ones below from Forever 21.


You can also wear the Doctor Who dress, available at the Her Universe website or at Hot Topic stores.


And you pair it off with a pair of booties. The ones below are available at Forever 21.


Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time

A white or black tank top, t-shirt, or long-sleeved shirt – it doesn’t matter, as long it’s black or white. The one below is from H&M.


A red jacket, zipped or not, on top of the shirt. The one below is available at Papaya.


For bottoms, you can wear any jeans you have. The jeans below are available at H&M.


Emma is seen wearing black boots; any black boots will do. The ones in the picture are from Papaya.


For accessories, you can wear any apple-related jewelry.


For the top, you can wear a black top with a red blazer or sweater. You can also wear a red top with a black blazer or cardigan. The blazer in the example below is available from Papaya, and the top is also from Papaya.



A pair of faux-leather pants work, or if you don’t like faux-leather, a pair of black jeans will do. The ones featured in the picture are from Papaya.


You can wear a pair of red boots, any length, any style. The one below are from Forever 21. If you don’t have red boots, no problem – black boots are fine as well.


And if you have any bat accessories, wear them.

Hopefully, these outfits will help any of you who are looking to show your Halloween spirit, but don’t have time for the costumes.

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