Is Cosplay Copyright Infringement?

Cosplay! We all love it! (Most of us, anyway.) For some people, there’s no greater joy than spending countless hours, dollars, and pricked, bloody fingers making your homage to Stan Lee’s Spider-Man come to life – even more so if the man, Stan Lee himself, absolutely loves and compliments your work.


That’s good guy Stan Lee for you!

For many people, cosplay is more than just a hobby: it’s a way of life. That being said, there are some who go above and beyond in their cosplay endeavors. Or, in this case, low. Really low. As in close-to-the-ground low. And no, we’re not talking about some gent who decided to cosplay as Solid Snake. No, think lower – as in cosplaying the motif of the carpet at the Marriot hotel where this year’s DragonCon was hosted.


These two cosplayers were an enormous hit with con-goers of all ages because of their unique camouflage cosplays that thrilled and delighted everyone who had a chance to see (or not) see them. In fact, people were so impressed with them that their cosplay was being called “the most creative and innovative cosplay of DragonCon.”

So, is cosplay copyright infringement? You can read the rest of this article over at The Jace Hall Show!

One thought on “Is Cosplay Copyright Infringement?

  1. I guess what I don’t understand about all of this is exactly HOW it qualifies as copyright infringement. Perhaps my ignorance of the law and cosplay is showing, but you don’t get paid for your costumes, right? So how are you infringing on anything? That’s like saying a kid who makes a homemade costume of Link (or any character) for Halloween is infringing as well. What it comes down to is, who the heck cares that a couple of people dressed up like a carpet pattern? HOW is it hurting anyone?

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