The Legend of Korra Continues: Episode 1 Review

The second season of The Legend of Korra has finally started. The show is set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender (the TV show, not the worst movie ever made. Thanks, M. Night Sham.) It takes place about seventy years after the original ends. Ang, the previous Avatar, is dead, and Korra has become the Avatar in his place. If you haven’t seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, stop reading this article, and go watch it right now. I’m serious. Shoo.

the legend of korra

I’m not going to sum up Avatar, because if you continue reading, I’m going to assume you’ve seen it. The first season of The Legend of Korra follows Korra as she attempts to master airbending. She’s already gotten fire, water, and earth under her belt. She travels to the Imperial City in secret to train with Tenzin, the airbender trainer. The Imperial City is currently dealing with a lot of problems, including the Equalists movement. The Equalists are attempting to bring balance between the benders and the non-benders, who are feeling oppressed. Long story short, Korra manages to defeat the scary leader of the movement, who can effectively block off a person’s ability to bend. She takes away his powers and is able to restore people’s stolen bending powers.

The first episode of the second season begins six months after the end of season one. Korra (the Avatar) is still with her airbender trainer, Tenzin, and from the first couple of minutes of the show, we can see that she still hates training. Tenzin keeps trying to get her to connect more deeply, and she’s still the same old Korra: punch first, ask questions later.

korra cast

Tenzin plans to bring her to visit all of the air temples, in hopes that the temples will help her learn more about airbending and settle her down. But before they can go there, Korra and the gang travel to the South Pole to attend a festival of spirits. There, she learns that dark spirits have been appearing and attacking villages. She meets her uncle, Unalaq, the King of the Northern Water Tribe, and he convinces her to step away from Tenzin and let him train her. Tenzin and her father fight her tooth-and-nail on this decision. She then travels to a place in the South Pole to attempt to right the balance of the spirit world.

In general, I enjoyed the episode. It did feel a little exposition-y and kind of stilted, but I can tell there are a lot of dark things brewing. For instance, I really, really don’t trust Unalaq! It just feels like he’s attempting to manipulate Korra in some way. I’m worried that he’s been playing everyone from the time he was a kid.

Opposite from the serious stuff in the episode, the humor is as great as ever. I love the airbender children and Bolin! They crack me up so much!

the legend of korra

On another note, I really didn’t like Korra’s attitude. She was really dismissive, moody, and angry. For her, being the Avatar seems like a joke or just not that important. I thought that maybe she had learned more from connecting with the Avatar state in the previous season. I understand she’s a teenager, so I’m reserving judgement until later in the season.

The episode wasn’t all that I’d hoped it would be, but I’m still optimistic about the season. The first season of The Legend of Korra took a few episodes to warm up, and I am more than willing to give the creators the benefit of the doubt. If this season is as awesome as last season, I’ll be so happy.

Score: B+

New episodes air Fridays at 7pm, EST.

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