Nerds at Heart: Nerdy Dating Site

Looking for the Spike (or Angel, even though Spike is totally better) to your Buffy, the Bones to your Booth, the Doctor to your Companion, or the Willow to your Tara? Then Nerds at Heart might be the place for you!


Photo credit: HK.Colin

Nerds at Heart is a dating site for all kinds and varieties of nerdy and smart people. No exclusivity here – if you think you’re a nerd, come to an event! They host speed dating, dating, and general events. The events are centered around board games, ice-breakers, and just chatting.

Currently, they are only in five cities: the Bay Area, Chicago (different sections for hetero and queer), Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and the Twin Cities. All of the events require registration, and they each cost $30. The cost usually covers at least a drink, a welcome gift of some kind, and there are usually prizes. Individual profiles should be coming soon for the site.

Even though we’re all nerds here, I’d suggest you use geeky pick-up lines with caution. I mean, “You’re a critical hit on my heart,” or “Wanna see my Master Sword?” might not go over to go over well. Just be yourself, treat everyone with respect, and have a good time. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Click here for more information about signing up for Nerd Love.

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