Comic Review: Itty Bitty Hellboy

Hellboy is awesome as an adult, but he was just as awesome when he was itty bitty! From Art Baltazar and Franco, the creators of Tiny Titans, comes an all-new adorable mini-series.

Hellboy was fighting off the villains even when he was itty bitty! I mean, come on, the battle for the best fortress has to be fought, and who better for the job? This is a great mini-series. I thoroughly enjoyed every story. Hellboy was a smarty-pants even as a child. The stories are hilarious, and as much as this is an “all-ages” comic, you don’t have to be itty bitty yourself to enjoy it. I’m a big fan of the tiny superhero genre, and this is easily on my favorites list. Even the villains you love to hate are easily lovable in this new series. Their stupidity is a lot more obvious when they’re small though, haha. I guess some things never change. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. were definitely the “cool kids” growing up.

Art’s art is adorable. I couldn’t have imagined Hellboy and friends any cuter myself. He and Franco are a great team of storytellers, and I hope to see more tiny heroes in the future. Until then, I cant wait to see what new big adventures our tiny Hellboy will have next! Oh, and it’s safe to say that every child has fun playing with boxes.

Overall I have some BIG love for Itty Bitty Hellboy. You can find it in your local comic shop or buy it online right here from Dark Horse.

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