Best Geek Treats: Five Geeky Cakes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

There have been a lot of geeky cakes over the years, but bakers everywhere keep on making them, and we aren’t complaining! Check out five of the best geeky cakes that we found from the past year:

The Last of Us cake

The Last of Us - cake
The Last of Us - cupcakes

Shhh, no spoilers for those of us who haven’t finished the game yet (hey, I’m a college student who actually studies!) but check out this legit Last of Us cake which was officially commissioned by Sony. Crumbs & Doilies did a great job, and they also made some delicious-looking cupcakes to go with it. Kind of glad they decided not create a clicker cake. I mean, it’d be cool-looking, but I’m not sure it’d be all that appetizing to look at…

The Last of Us - Clicker

Yeah… 😐

Journey cake

Journey cake

Thatgamecompany shared this awesome Journey cake, shared with them by twitter user xuxoramos. Turns out it was his birthday cake!

Batman cake

Batman cake

This Batman cake is very different than most we’ve seen before. It’s great to see the Gotham landscape with Batman peering over it. It’s gorgeous! It’s also a chocolate-lover’s dream. All the buildings were built out of modeling chocolate placed upon a chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache. Death by chocolate? AND Batman? Sign me up. This cake was created by Bite Me Bakery.

Pip Boy (Fallout) cake

Pip Boy (Fallout) Cake

Can you believe ONE person created this cake for themselves? Amazing. Reddit user FCDRandy did just that. Though I do find it funny that the Pip Boy shows that he is in pretty bad shape. Eating the cake should help, no? 😉

Morrigan (Darkstalkers) cake

Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) cake
Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) cake

Um, did you know that there was a Morrigan cake and that it was this bad ass? I do not speak Italian, but from what I can gather from the creator’s website, they wanted to make something different for Halloween. Fantastic choice, I say. It’s so creepy yet beautiful. Pretty fitting, considering the character it’s based on.


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