Like it? “Luv” it? Fashion Eye to launch today!

Like it? “Luv” it?

You get to be the judge of that very soon. On August 13, consumer brand-focused start-up Fashioholic will launch Fashion Eye, the first fashion-serious iOS and Adroid social app. Fashion Eye promises to offer fashion lovers the opportunity to compete against friends and discover fashion while proving they have an eye for chic, trendy apparel.

You can challenge your friends to test their fashion savvy by guessing which item of apparel is more expensive. With each win, you work toward satisfying the requirements necessary to earn all eight badges, which grant you eligibility to win prizes like a $50 gift card.

Featured apparel comes in a range of categories and prices, helping players figure out how to refine their desired style and/or guiding them toward making purchases that fit within their budget. By choosing to “Luv” an item, you share your style preferences with others while adapting the game to your fashion tastes. The great part? You can purchase items off your “luv” list directly through the app. And if you truly have an eye for fashion, you may be able to apply one of your gift card prizes to cut the cost of your next outfit.

(I really want that ring. FYI – it’s basically my birthday.)

Fashion Eye will be downloadable free of charge on all iOS and Adroid mobile and tablet devices today – Tuesday, August 13.

Find Fashion Eye on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more!

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