Kickstarter: The Cards of Cthulhu

Do you like board games? Are you head over heels for the Cthulhu mythos? Do you love to battle the forces of evil with your friends?

There’s a new multiplayer card game in town, and it’s called The Cards of Cthulhu!


This 1-4 player card game pits you against the forces of Cthulhu and the Elder Gods. You’ll battle Cultists and Minions, seal gates, and protect humanity from slipping into insanity!


You can either play it solo or grab a group of friends. This game is recommend for ages 12+.

When you begin the game, you pick from eight different investigators. Some are soldiers, some are psychic, and each comes with their own abilities.


Another great thing about this Kickstarter is that all the design and artwork has been finalized, so as soon as it reaches its goal, it will be printed immediately.

The Cards of Cthulu has already exceeded its pledge goal of $7,000, but there are plenty of backer spots open. You can get your name on a minion, or even be an investigator!

The pledge will continue till September 5th. If a $10,000 pledge goal is met, more content will be added!

Check out the Kickstarter here!

Do you like board games? Like Cthulhu? Let us know in the comments!

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