The 5 Best Videos of YouTube’s #GeekWeek

YouTube’s first Geek Week is over, and it seemed to go far better than Comedy Week. I’m interested to see what topic they pick next!

So what were the best videos from the week? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s a list of the top five best videos of YouTube’s Geek Week.

5.) Theodore Gray’s 5 Experiments You Should NEVER Try At Home

This video slipped under the radar for most people, which makes me really sad. Imagine someone’s grandpa, calmly telling you how to do totally unsafe and bat shit crazy science experiments. The best parts are his understated humor and, of course, the awesome power of science. You see that explosion in the video thumbnail? That was caused by deep frying a turkey. A TURKEY.

If this doesn’t get someone interested in science, then I don’t know what will.

4.) Naruto The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

Isn’t it interesting when YouTube folks make better live action anime than rich Hollywood types? Anyway, this is a funny and really impressive live action Naruto movie spoof. You don’t even have to watch Naruto to get all of the jokes, although this is definitely the kind of spoof that makes you want to go and watch the source material.

3.) The Gravity Gun

Another live-action version of something geeky, but this time a game, instead of anime. The Gravity Gun is the origin story of the gravity gun from Half-Life 2, with an awesome-looking Alyx Vance. The special effects are superb, and the characters and gun are spot-on. Now make Half-Life 3 already!

2.) Gastro Geek! PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD

Imagine if Chopped, Cake Wars, and Felicia Day had a baby. Okay, eeew, I take it back. Anyway, this spoof from Geek & Sundry re-imagines the normal cooking show competition as a monster movie food sculpture competition between Felicia Day, Hannah Hart, and Furious Pete, with Nika hosting and two frikkin’ amazing special guests who are so awesome that I don’t want to spoil it for you. Do yourself a favor and check out the behind-the-scenes video on the G&S channel for even more chuckles.

1.) MULTI-PLAYER – Games Bring us Together

This is the kind of video I really wanted to see for Geek Week. It was not only a collaboration, featuring Dodger, Markiplier, Day[9], the Yogscast, Spooky, Egoraptor and Chuggaaconroy, but it also taught something to those not as familiar with the geek community. For those already a part of YouTube geekiness, it was a peek into the lives and mindsets of some of our favorite stars. It also managed to be funny, serious, inspirational, and silly, all at the same time. Like most of us geeks. 😉

Lots of other Geek Week videos were great too, so go check out the playlist and tell me which ones were your favorites!

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