Journey of a Roach to be published by Daedalic Entertainment

Kinda cute…for cockroaches…

Daedalic Entertainment (who you may remember from my Night of the Rabbit and Memoria hands-on articles) will be publishing Journey of a Roach from Koboldgames.

Players will visit a sarcastic, post-apocalyptic world where Roach Jim and his sidekick Bud are out and about to find their way from a deserted vault to the Earth’s surface. Players must steer them through classic point-and-click adventure game puzzles. Certain challenges can be overcome by using the roach’s natural abilities. Being roaches, Jim and Bud have the ability to crawl up walls and on ceilings, as well as on items. But roaches can’t speak either, so there will be no written or spoken dialogue in Journey of a Roach. Insects use their very own, easily understandable signal language.

If you’ve been playing games for a while, this might sound familiar to you – there was a game called Bad Mojo released by Pulse Entertainment in 1996 that put you in the role of a puzzle-solving scientist-turned-cockroach. This was loosely based on Kafka’s The MetamorphosisBad Mojo was re-released in 2004 under Bad Mojo ReduxBad Mojo and Journey of a Roach seem to be quite different in tone, however, and I think there will be quite a bit of difference between the two games.

The game will be released in November 2013 for Windows and Mac.

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