Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punshments

So I’m sitting here in the worst pain I’ve had since I got my wisdom teeth removed, wondering why it hurts so badly now and hoping it’s nothing serious, when I remember that the new Sherlock Holmes game, Crimes and Punishments, has some new footage, and some great news! Maybe he can help me investigate what is going on in my mouth…that sounded dirty, but I’m not thinking straight anyway, haha! All right, without further ado, the teaser:

Crimes and Punishments has made quite a but of headway since it was shown at E3. It should be getting even more with Frogwares Studios’ decision to switch to the Epic Unreal 3 Engine. This switch will give us an even more beautiful game, if you couldn’t already tell by that teaser! That’s not all though. Focus and Frogwares are also adding investigation techniques that actually give you more of a sense of being Sherlock Holmes, such as his deduction skills, and assessing a crime scene. It is a little vague right now, but we will see how the mechanics of that work once they release some gameplay footage.

Who doesn’t want a chance to play Sherlock? I know I do, as long as they do a good job. I look forward to hearing more about Crimes and Punishments in the future, and most likely I won’t have to wait as long for that as I will for the show to air its next season (all of you who watch it will understand what I mean)! Crimes and Punishments is coming soon to PS3, 360, and PC.

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