Everybody, Stop what You are Doing! Neil Gaiman is Making a Game!

One of the greatest authors of our time – and my favorite author ever – has teamed up with the studio The Odd Gentlemen and is making his first game! If you are unfamiliar with Neil’s work, he is responsible for such greats as The Sandman Chronicles, Coraline, The Graveyard Book, and many others. He has movies, novels, and comics, but this will be his first shot at a game. If all goes well, it won’t be his last either!

The game is called Wayward Manor, and is set in the roaring 20s in an old, very large, manor! Neil took inspiration from the creepy but exciting films from the early twentieth century, like Blithe Spirit, that he loved growing up. The simple description: you are a ghost trying to re-claim your territory. The game is macabre, playful, and exciting. Of course, macabre is always exciting to me, so it should be good!

The game will be out for tablets and PC/Mac sometime this fall. No word yet on the mobile version, but hopefully we will hear something soon. Don’t forget that if this first game does well, there will be more, and I, for one, want more already!

There are many pre-order packages for this game. They all come with marvelous things such as t-shirts, a signed poster, a ticket to the launch party, and for those high-rollers out there (the $10,000 package), a spooky-themed dinner with Neil himself! I wish that I could afford that one, because it would be a dream come true!

Here is the video Neil put together for Wayward Manor:

If you would like to learn more about Wayward Manor, and see all of the pre-order packages, check out the official website.

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