Coming soon: Redshirt

Redshirt is a new sci-fi satire life and social sim developed by The Tiniest Shark. It is due for release on PC, Mac, and iPad and is published by Positech Games.

Redshirt is set in a future space station where all the occupants are obsessed with the in-game social network, “Spacebook.” You start the game as an insignificant, low-level entrant, and your task is to navigate the social politics in order to climb the ranks. When you arrive in the space station, your first task is to set up your Spacebook profile. From there, you can update your status, make friends, and “like” your way to the top.


Your career and charisma ranks suggest who you are eligible to befriend on Spacebook, but you can also ascend the ranks by attending and creating events to make you more favorable with other characters. You may also choose to focus on your career progression, building relationships, or a combination of both to succeed.


Redshirt was created by Mitu Khandaker, who is the founder of the one-woman indie studio The Tiniest Shark and was named one of Develop Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2012. Check out The Tiniest Shark’s Developers Logs on YouTube to see the game in action.

Redshirt is due for release later this year, but if you would like some more information, take a look at The Tiniest Shark’s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages! Here, you can also put forward your questions about the game and the developer to Mitu Khandaker!

Game Details

Title: Redshirt
Developer: The Tiniest Shark
Publisher: Positech Games
Genre: Comedic Sci-fi Life Sim
Platform: PC
Release Date: 2013
Price: TBA

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