San Diego Comic-Con Sunday News Roundup


Well, I’m finally awake and recovered (mostly) after getting home from SDCC. Line-Con 2013…er…I mean Comic-Con 2013 was, as always, immensely fun, and sad to leave behind. Here are some of the more awesome recaps from Sunday:

The cast of Supernatural was there to kick off the day in Hall H. They showed footage from the upcoming season nine of the series. Here’s that video:

It must have been pretty hard for Supernatural fans who aren’t Doctor Who fans to get into that panel though, due to the fact that Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary panel followed directly after. There were people starting to line up for The Doctor at 3pm the day before. I also talked to a lady who said that she got there at 3AM to get in line and barely made it in. She said that anyone whogot there at 4am probably didn’t get in. On a side note from all the cool things at SDCC, the lines starting the day before is beginning to be a huge problem, as well as the organization. I know they try their best, but things are getting, and have been getting, a bit crazy.

Anyway, onto Doctor Who. There were a lot of Whovians at SDCC this year. I saw many Doctors and Tardises walking around. I myself was a Tardis for a couple of days. They talked about both Tennant and Smith being in the 50th anniversary special! Here’s the whole panel:

Matt Smith got his first chance to walk the Comic-Con floor. Here’s a look at that adorable video:

The cast of Community was back at SDCC this year! They were giving away hard plastic Solo cups that had the show’s logo on them when you walked into the panel. Not only that, but they had a deal with one of the bars downtown where they would sell beer for $1 to anyone with one of those cups, but ONLY in those cups, so that was pretty awesome! The panel was hilarious! A surprise guest also came by to ask a question. There’s nothing I can say that would do this panel justice, so here it is:

Sunday was the short day of SDCC, it being the last and all, but it was still wonderful. There were many other guests there, including George R. R. Martin talking about his new comic series Skin Trade. There was also a Neil Gaiman panel that I sadly didn’t get a chance to go to. It was the 25th anniversary of his Sandman series. Gaiman will be returning to the Sandman series this year, and EW released a preview of a Dave McKean cover for the upcoming issue:

Sons of Anarchy wrapped up the day in Hall H with some heartfelt words for the loss of Opie, some really great insight into the characters, and a new comic series that will run parallel to the new season. I can’t find the sizzle reel they released anywhere, but just know that it was good!

Blizzard also had some of its exclusive Sylvana figures left on Sunday, which was awesome considering that they had sold out of their stock in the days before. Apparently there was also an artist from Riot Games there, because there was a guy with a signed League of Legends print that I saw. When I asked him where he got it, he said “I’m not supposed to say. The guy wanted to keep it a secret.” After Googling Riot’s presence at SDCC, and coming up empty-handed, I gave up. Come on Riot, let’s see you next year!

Sunday is always a bittersweet day at SDCC, but it was definitely a good one! Until next year!

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