Mega Man Unlimited Released – Almost Five Years in the Making!


Almost five years ago, a YouTuber by the handle MegaPhilX released a series of fan-made trailers for an imagined Mega Man 10. At the time, many people were duped into thinking the videos were, in fact, trailers for Mega Man 10 that were being produced by Capcom, or that he was working on an actual fan game. His original trailer has received nearly 200,000 views as of this writing. What Phil and his friends originally animated “just for fun” quickly grew into something more. To make the trailer and the gameplay samples, Phil had to come up with customized graphics and sprites. He also had to find a friend who could create a soundtrack solely for video purposes. Once Phil saw how popular everything had become from all the work he put into the animation, he realized that he probably had the ability to create an actual project.

The development of N-Mario’s customized Mega Man engine that was created in Multimedia Fusion 2 quickly made this a feasible goal. In fact, that engine has been used for several fan games, including the recent Mega Man Revolution. Development was slow-going and took a long time to get through, long enough to even pass the release of a canon Mega Man 10 and require him to rename his game. But on July 14, his project was finally officially released.

Mega Man Unlimited is a classic series game through and through, drawing most of its inspirations from MM2 and MM3 on the NES, but Phil and his team have added a lot of new things to the mix. The game is set sometime after the events of the real Mega Man 10, with some of Dr. Wily’s own recent creations turning on him and wreaking havoc around the world. Naturally, Dr. Wiley claims that he is innocent and that his robots need to be stopped, but a mysterious shadowy figure quickly grabs him and flees. Dr. Light insists that Mega Man stop Wily’s robots and go after the mysterious kidnapper, hoping that finding him will leave some clues to solve the mystery.

The game features eight brand-new Robot Masters, a hidden Robot Master boss, and a set of fortresses to complete. Ultimately, this game (much like MMR) feels like what a Mega Man 11 could be like.

This game has been the most anticipated fan game in quite some time, and for many Mega Man fans, it is their most anticipated fan game to date. It is a true love-letter to the Blue Bomber, created by a team of dedicated fans just wanting to share their love with the wider world.

This game is completely free, so you owe it to yourself to visit MegaPhilX‘s homepage and download your copy today – you won’t be disappointed!

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