Mega Man Revolution is Finally Released!


Mega Man Revolution is a fan game that has fallen under the radar for many fans of the series, despite the fact that the game has actually been in development for over ten years – before the days of the retro-revival of the series with Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10. Unfortunately, most of the game’s code was lost many years ago, and the project fell on an extended hiatus. However, Mike Crain, the developer, sat down and worked hard on the game. He released many demos over the last year, and finally got the game’s single-player campaign finished on July 4, 2013!

This free-to-play fan game features eight new Robot Masters, the ability to play as either Mega Man or his rival Bass, excellent 8-bit styled graphics, an awesome soundtrack, and some really solid gameplay. The game is actually a decent length (with a good “speed run” clocking in at around 100 minutes) and each of the stages feature multiple paths and each Robot Master stage has four special items that you can discover, making the need to repeat areas essential if you want to get all the special power-ups. The stage select itself has a unique layout that will be different for most fans of this series, and I absolutely love the fact that you can get special weapons (like the “shotgun” attack) that are totally separate from what the bosses give you, yet each has a function for killing certain enemies and breaking obstacles to hidden areas and alternate paths.

A co-op mode for the game is in the works, but you can enjoy the entire single-player mode now! Also, the game comes with an updater, so once you download the game, you’ll never have to re-download it again. Unless, of course, you format your drive or something.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Mega Man Revolution website and download your free copy today!

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