The Best Geek Shoes!

Do you love geek stuff? You must, since you’re here on Nerdy but Flirty! But what about shoes? How about geek shoes?!

By the way, no post about shoes is complete without the OMG SHOES video! (language may make it NSFW)


Now that that’s out of my system, let’s do this! There are a lot of geeky shoes out there, so I went through a lot of them to find the best of the best.





Shoes, glitter, geek. These are just a few picks of the geeky glitter flats from Aisha Voya Creations that you can choose from.


I have a special place in my heart for Archie, and these shoes bring me back to fond childhood memories. Available via Inkling Things.



Did you know there was such a thing as N7 Mass Effect kicks? No? Well now you do. And they are drop dead sexy, too. Excuse me as I fan myself. As a Mass Effect fangirl, I can’t help myself (I also have the Spectre logo tattooed on my arm, so I am extra excited that the logo is on the tongue of these shoes, and I am going to stop myself now before I explode). You can grab ’em over at the BioWare store.

Side note: when I read that the shoes were designed by Tweak Footwear, I at first read it as “Twerk” Footwear. Someone register that URL right now.

Anyhow, I really don’t know why more game studios don’t offer shoes that rep their games. Get on it, people!

1_215021_FS 1_235251_FS

Of course, there are these awesome DC Converse shoes that have been floating around a while. There are many more over on Journey’s website.


There is also a specially-made crocheted pair of Mario converse at Pretty Sneaky.



I am sort of in love with these Zelda and Game Boy shoes from Super Bit Kicks.



I love these two Star Wars options, as they capture the iconic look of each helmet on a shoe! Stormtrooper kicks are from Shoes by Smiley, and the Boba Fett kicks are from East Bay California.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to get extra dressed up and rock some cute heels. There’s a lot of modge-podge heels out there, but like I said, I tried to find the best of the best!


il_570xN.323294609 il_570xN.323417834


There are several pairs of awesome geek heels over on Faith is Fabulous. I love that The Walking Dead heels don’t have an obvious label on them and are thus very subtle. The Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman heels, though modge-podge, are very well thought-out, with consideration given to the placement of images.



Macklin’s Murals also offers well thought-out modge-podge geeky heels, even specifing the color pump they will use, then takes photos before they ship to make sure you get exactly what you want. That’s pretty awesome.




If you want to move beyond pumps, Decko Fab has some awesome Star Wars booties and wedges. But I did include one pair of pumps from them because POWERPUFF GIRLS! I have never seen the Powerpuff Girls on shoes before. This needs to happen more often.


If you need a pair of heels that captures both your love for Harley Quinn and glitter, these heels from JackieisohsoCrafty will fit the bill.





Finally, if you don’t have a ton of spending money but want to geek up your shoes, you could always use these 8-bit and comic-inspired shoe clips from Janine Basil.

I think I may have lost my mind due to the overwhelming number of amazing shoes. Perhaps you have too. Happy shopping!


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