The Retro Play Show #14: Soul Blazer (SNES, Part 3)

The show picks back up with a continuation of my playthrough of Soul Blazer (SNES, 1992), streamed live on July 10, 2013.

We last left off after a snafu in the volcano that set me back a fair ways, but I caught up between streams so that you wouldn’t get bored watching the same stuff again! I manage to get through the volcano, finish out the rest of the aquatic area, and move on to the frozen mountains. I really like the mountain area, as the music is great, the little story is neat, and there are some weapons and armor that are decently well-hidden that I was track down. After beating the area’s boss, we are sent to Dr. Leo’s lab where a door (a door?!) tells us that the legendary sword Zantetsu, which can defeat metallic enemies, is hidden somewhere further in the lab.

That sounds like a challenge to find for next time!

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