The Retro Play Show #5: Soul Blazer (SNES, Part 1)

An impromptu fifth episode of The Retro Play Show, recorded live on June 12, 2013!

I randomly felt like doing a retro stream on June 12, so I put up a quick message on Twitter giving a short-list of games I was willing to play and Soul Blazer (1992) for the SNES won hands-down! Apparently, a lot of people really like this game, and I can’t blame them. I loved Act Raiser when I was young, and this game is a true sequel to it. It keeps many of the aspects of the first game, although a change was made to town-building; while it is part of the story, it’s mostly automatic. Instead, the real meat of the game lies in your exploration and dungeon crawling, and Quintet and Enix get it right in this game.

There will be at least another episode or two involved to get this game finished, but I did have a lot of fun playing it!

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