Might and Magic X: Legacy in Open Development


Might & Magic X: Legacy is the latest in a long line of beloved RPGs. The first game was released in 1986, and the last was released in 2002. Heroes of Might & Magic is also set in the same universe; that series started in 1995, with the most recent game being Might & Magic Heroes VI in 2011. I am a fan of both series, having played (and struggled with!) Might and Magic VI and VII as a kid as well as playing Heroes of Might and Magic II for hours (more successfully). The new game’s story:

“In the wake of the events of Might & Magic® Heroes® VI, the city of Karthal, once a proud colony of the Holy Empire located in the Agyn Peninsula, is on the verge of secession. The player will control the destinies of four adventurers, as they become entangled in the political machinations and intrigues unfolding in and around Karthal. Various powers, both old and new, are vying for control of the city. As they grow in power and fame, the adventurers’ actions will determine the fate of the Agyn Peninsula, and if they are heroic and diligent, prevent the ghosts of the past from casting a dark shadow upon the region’s future.”

Those four adventurers are completely customizable; pick your gender, your race (human, elf, dwarf, or orc), and your class. Each race has three classes to choose from.


In an exciting development, you can participate in the development of the game once you register for a Uplay account on the official website. You will be able to join the game development, discuss game features with the developers/other gamers, and participate in the creation of a unique dungeon, all by voting every week and bringing in your own ideas. You can also keep up with the game’s progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Watch a video on the open development:

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