E3 Day Four News

Okay, so far, this E3 has been super eventful! There has been so many AMAZING announcements that I’m out of breath from all the excitement! With all the big news already announced, let’s take a look at some of the games.

Here are some of the new game trailers that have been released this week:

A new “re-invention” of the series Thief has gotten a lot of attention at E3 as one of the big titles hitting next-gen. Thief will be out in 2014.

As a long-time Marvel fan, I am super stoked for Lego Marvel Super Heroes! It’s coming out in fall of this year, including all of the personalities we know and love (I just wonder if they will play on the Iron Man/Hulk bro-mance).

All right, we’ve heard about the next episode of The Walking Dead: 400 Days from Telltale Games quite a few times over the course of the last couple of days, which is not surprising considering the following, of this amazing GOTY winner (and the recipient of three awards from NBF last year). This DLC is due out in July.

One game I am very curious about is the new title Hellraid. Very reminiscent of Chaos Legion (PS2), this first-person hack-and-slash game looks very promising. Play by yourself or in an online competition with friends.

The big guns were brought out with Batman: Arkham Origins! Does this really need more explanation other than this kick-ass trailer?

Atlus also released a new trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV. This is a must-have for fans of the series. The release date is set for July 13th of this year for the 3DS. I couldn’t be happier about this! I’m a collector of all the SMT games, and CANNOT wait for the next Persona!

Little Big Planet creators Media Molecule have had their hands busy with their new game Tearaway for the PSVita. This amazingly innovative game comes out on October 22nd.

There are still many more titles being featured at this year’s E3, so you can expect another full update from us from the final day of E3 tomorrow. Hopefully at the end of this week, we can all catch our breath from all of the awesome this year! I will leave you with this hilarious video of how to share games with the PS4:

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