Free Primordia Graphic Novel – and Sale!


Primordia from Wadjet Eye Games and Wormwood Studios got a glowing review from me when it first came out (check out my review here!), and a new free graphic novella will continue the story of the Primordia universe. Directly from Wormwood Studios:

For those who haven’t played Primordia yet, Fallen is a spoiler-free introduction to the setting. In some ways, reading Fallen first will enrich your experience of playing the game, though playing the game first will, conversely, enrich the story.

You can download part one as a PDF here. You can also view it on YouTube with voice-over, music, and light animation here. Once all three parts are released, they will be collected as a single, free-to-download PDF or ePub file.

For updates on the next two parts (the second of which should be out today), like Wormwood Studios on Facebook.

If you missed Primordia, it is currently part of the Hammerhead Bundle on IndieRoyale. In addition to Primordia, you can get Pressure, Forge, Richard & Alice, Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage, and Potatoman Seeks the Troof for matching the minimum price (a little over five dollars as of this writing). For $8.00 or more, you get the album It’s Not Great by MY OK BBS.

There is less than a day left to take advantage of this awesome bundle, so go grab it while you still can!

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