Top 10 Video Game Wallpapers for Lady Gamers (And Gamers in General)

This one was kind of a tricky article for me, because I know that every girl doesn’t want/like to salivate over hot video game guys like I do, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I live by the “Never Yuck Someone Else’s Yum” philiosophy! So, when I took on this article, I wanted to provide a broad range of wallpapers that every lady gamer would enjoy, from a mixture of your favorite video game vixen badasses to Tidus with his shirt off, and even some of the best artwork to ever come out of video games to date! Feel free to add your own in the comments if you like! So, let’s get started, listing off the top ten wallpapers for lady gamers in no specific order:

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2012

tomb raider

This wallpaper speaks volumes about the newest game in the Tomb Raider franchise, in that it depicts Lara as vulnerable and unsure, but also as the same badass whom we’ve known her to be for all of the years we’ve spent dodging jaguars, rolling out of the path of boulders, and shooting countless enemies. It’s a powerful image in the sense that you feel what she is feeling – but how you feel, you are unsure. All you know is that her struggle is now your struggle as well.

Final Fantasy X


[There are spoilers in this discussion of Final Fantasy X.]

Those of us who have played Final Fantasy X know this scene. It has been described as one of the most romantic moments in all of Final Fantasy history. It’s Tidus and Yuna in Macalania Lake, shortly after Yuna’s escape from the forced wedding to Seymour, after she sacrificed herself solely to get close enough to kill him (the attempt failed). The group runs into Macalania Woods to hide for the night; this is where Yuna’s strength finally leaves her, and she gives into a powerful moment of tears.

Tidus, moved by both her tears, and her resolve, moves in to kiss her, and reassures her that everything will be all right. The Japanese song “Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Wonderful)” talks about Yuna’s desire to stay with Tidus – that she wants to go with him to see his Zanarkand, to his home, and into his arms. (“I do so want to go, to your city, to your house; into your arms”), referencing a different level of intimacy that was, understandably, not shown in this scene. The song also references, as Yuna touches the side of his face (as seen in the video), Tidus’s biggest plot twist: he’s nothing more than a dream. (“This face; a soft touch. Dissolving into morning, I dream…”)



I was so torn between which wallpaper to choose for this one, because they are all just so damn beautiful! Two I was really torn between were the one above, which depicts Bayonetta in all of her badassery, and the one below:


I have a particularly soft spot for this wallpaper, because I remember it being the very first image of Bayonetta I’d ever seen. Look at it: you can’t see her face, you see this woman with a beautiful body, just about fully covered, with two huge guns and this unbelievable hair. All I could think was, “WHOA. WHO IS SHE?” and, sure enough, when more talk of Bayonetta came out, I received my answer and was so pleased I was practically foaming at the mouth. Bayonetta is not your typical video game vixen, which makes her presence all the more powerful. She is incredibly tall, with glasses (something you don’t see often), and she’s a witch. Seriously, she has redesigned the entire concept of what a witch “should” look like.

Dark, deadly, and beautiful, these are the wallpapers for you – and simply looking at Bayonetta makes you want to go outside and start kicking some ass.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


I enjoy this game for one reason: the Scarface references hidden within this game, which I lost my absolute cool over. Fast cars, faster women, and a life of drugs and warfare is just what the doctor ordered, and your Rx is none other than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Throw this wallpaper up when you’re bored at work and want to be reminded of all of those awesome endeavors you experienced when playing this game. Maybe even take your boss’s Maserati for a quick spin, pick up your honey, and treat her to a night on the town at the expense of that gangster who you just offed with your sweet…uh. Let’s just stop there.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2


DDR has been one of the biggest gaming staples in my life thus far. There was nothing quite like wanting to blow off some steam with friends on a Friday night, hitting the arcade, and dancing until we had sweat pouring from every inch of our bodies. We cheered our friends on, we booed those who didn’t “know their place” (ie, the cocky assholes who would talk a good game, but didn’t have the skills to match), and we had a great time. While in-home DDR doesn’t quite compare to the feel of playing on an actual machine, there’s definitely no denying the nostalgia you feel upon stepping on the mat and going at it one more time.

Dead Or Alive 5

Dead or Alive 5

Your favorite fighters gracing your desktop would make anyone feel pretty badass – especially when the two babes leading the charge are Kasumi and her half-sister, Ayane. These two women have very easily become the face of the Dead or Alive franchise (for good reasons and not-so-good reasons), but there’s no denying that since the game’s very initial release in 1996, the characters we have come to know and love have evolved (or devolved) into intense characters with depth, background, and a continuously unique story that drives the overall plot of the game.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Try to deny that this is one of the most badass CoD wallpapers ever created. Go ahead, I dare you. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. In the meantime, I cannot stress enough just how incredible this wallpaper is. I’m not an avid player of CoD, but just like the Lara Croft wallpaper at the beginning of this article, this wallpaper speaks volumes. We can’t see the solder’s face; only that he’s locked and loaded to do what is expected of him. If we could see his eyes, what do you think we would see reflected in them? The family he left back home? The brothers-in-arms he’s lost? The man he had no choice but to kill because it meant the survival of his entire convoy? What are you thinking, dark solider?

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl!

super smash brothers

Admit it: the second you even got wind that there would be a brand new Super Smash Brothers game, you squealed. No? Maybe a little bit? Okay, that’s just as good too! With a brand new set of characters, and even some never-before-seen brawlers joining the fray, this was the Wii game of of 2008. You could tell it was going to be epic from the moment you laid eyes on the trailer:

And, what better way to bring gamers of all generations together – and have them beat the total snot out of each other? In between this game and Pokémon Battles, this is how we will resolve disputes in my household when I have kids.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Dovahkiin! Sorry, reflex. This wallpaper is incredibly powerful because, just like the Tomb Raider and Black Ops ones, it features a solitary warrior, prepped and ready for battle, unsure of what awaits him beyond the mist, but knowing that he must fulfill his destiny and stop any and all evil coming that threatens the balance and harmony of his world. And lest we forget that tail curling around him as well – good or evil? This is a great wallpaper, or even would be awesome as an actual poster to hang in your room while spending countless hours fighting the hordes.

Time to weigh-in, lady gamers! Which wallpapers do you think should have made this list? Post your faves in the comments!

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