Is Game of Thrones Confusing You?

Then go read the books, you lazy bums!

Just kidding. I have something a little easier to digest for those of you daunted by the size of the books or saving yourself from television spoilers.

I bring you: ComicBookGirl19‘s Game of Thrones epic house histories! So far, she’s covered the Targaryens (my favorite house) and done a two-parter on the Lannisters. The Starks are up next, with other houses to follow.


Are there spoilers?

The videos don’t spoil the current season, but will spoil the first two if you haven’t seen them (which, I mean, you deserve. What are you waiting for, slacker?).

What if I read the books?

As someone who has read the books, I found these videos super-useful anyway, because much of the knowledge you gain from the books is given at different intervals, making it hard to keep it all straight. These videos are the perfect refresher!

Is this an objective view?

Keep in mind, ComicBookGirl19 does express her own views in the video as well, in particular trying to convince you to love Jaime. I will say that I also love Jaime because of things that happen in the books, so I didn’t take too much issue with her zeal, but some of you who love Bran (for some odd reason) might.

Check ’em out!

and then

and then

Like what you see? We’ll have more info on ComicBookGirl19’s Kickstarter in an upcoming article!

2 thoughts on “Is Game of Thrones Confusing You?

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