Torment: Tides of Numenera sets record for most-funded gaming Kickstarter!

In-game screenshot of The Bloom.

In-game screenshot of The Bloom.

A couple of weeks ago, I covered the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter. The project was a HUGE success, and set the record for the most-funded game ever on Kickstarter. It’s also the second-most funded gaming project in general – the Ouya holds that top spot.

sagus cliffs

In-game screenshot of The Sagus Cliffs.

Torment originally had a $900,000 goal. When it ended, it was successfully funded at $4,188,927 in only thirty days. Additionally, the project is also continuing to count Paypal contributions toward its final stretch goal (which would add expanded reactivity, length, and depth, plus a player stronghold, until the end of April. The bad news for those of us who are impatient is because of all the extra money, the game has been pushed back from its original projected release date of December 2014 until sometime in 2015.

The great success of this Kickstarter can probably be attributed to the huge following of Planescape: Torment, Numenera‘s spiritual predecessor. Speaking personally, PS: T was one of the most influential video games I have ever played. I believe that the team assembled for Numenera can make an utterly amazing game, and I look forward to playing it in a couple of years.

The team is very active on Tumblr, and you can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, and their official website. You can also read the Vision Document.

Still want to back the project? Go to their PayPal store!

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