GDC Day 4 News Round up

A shit storm of controversy hit when scantily-clad female dancers were hosted at the IGDA party. IGDA board member  Darius Kazemi resigned shortly after the party. He said:

“I had massive reservations using YetiZen as our sponsor the second year in a row after they burned us last year by using scantily-clad women. But I did not speak up about them internally because I did not want to rock the boat with, like, two weeks left in my term. For that: I’m sorry.”

Women in Games Boston also pulled their support and, in a sad turn of events, industry veteran Brenda Romero stepped down from her seat on the IGDA Women in Games SIG Chapter.

This came right after the “1ReasontoBe” session hosted by panelists Brenda Romero, Journey exec producer Robin Hunicke, Microsoft Games Studios game designer Kim McAuliffe, Storm8 designer Elizabeth Sampat, game critic Mattie Brice, and Gamasutra journalist Leigh Alexander.

The session discussed the rampant sexism faced in the video game industry.

(Quick update: Executive Director of IGDA, Kate Edwards, has issued an apology. But no scantily clad men, sadly. Sounds like YetiZen was more responsible for the content than IGDA. Full apology here:

And now, for less disappointing news…

Journey swept the GDC awards, picking up six accolades and winning Game of the Year! Journey also picked up the Innovation Award, Best Audio, Best Downloadable Game, Best Game Design, and Best Visual Arts.


Good job, Thatgamecompany! I hope to see more innovative games like this in the future. (It’s also the only game where I enjoyed online multiplayer.)

SOE and Runewalker released a hands-on demo for their new MMO Dragon Prophet. It’s all about dragons!


You can tame dragons, collect them, ride them, and fight. Each dragon you tame gets a random selection of skills, but you can transfer skills between your dragons.


Dragon Prophet entered closed beta in North America last week. The game is Free-to-Play, but you can unlock more dragon skills (and probably much more) by paying. The details are still out on their transaction method, but the game looks interesting.

That wraps it up for day four! Stay tuned for news on the final day of GDC 2013.

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