GDC Day 3: Spoilers Galore!


When I tuned in for day 3 of GDC, I basically felt the same way Leonard felt during that one episode of The Big Bang Theory when he tells Sheldon how excited he is to start the Harry Potter series after “avoiding it for so long,” and is finally on book six, and then Sheldon says,

“That’s a good one…” (Pause. Wait for it…spoilers!) “..Dumbledore dies in that one.”

And just like that, Sheldon manages to ruin the entire series for Leonard, who looks at Sheldon the same exact way I looked at my laptop after reading this huge day of spoilers and, as if to mock me, GDC day three basically responds the same way Sheldon responds to Leonard’s horrified look of “WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THIS?” like so:

“Yeah, I know! I didn’t see it coming, either!”

I basically look like Grumpy Cat right now, BUT, at the same time, I am beyond stoked for the brand new titles that were revealed today, some of which had been kept under code names, such as…

The Phantom Pain being revealed as Metal Gear Solid 5

I’m gonna go all nurse-y on you and tell you something about phantom pain. Believe it or not, it’s a medical term used to describe the feeling of pain or lingering sensation from an amputated limb, as if the limb was still there. Normally, it’s called “phantom sensation”.

A very brilliant wordplay by Hideo Koijima, who wows us with this unfreakingbelivable trailer that not many people were sure what to make of. But the music? The cherry on top.

(Warning: Have tissue ready.)

So, as you have gathered, our boy Snake is shown waking up out of a coma for nine years, shortly after his heart stops for a what must be a good minute or so. Aside from the graphics (and again, that music), this trailer was so beyond words that all I could do was cry.

I mean, let’s face it: Solid Snake is one of my favorite characters, and I’ve always seen him at his strongest and badassessed-ness. To see him in such a state, to the point where he looks like he’s going to cry multiple times…yeah, some heartstrings were definitely pulled.

Another game revealed on day three was none other than Yabai: Ninja Gaiden Z (*insert rabid fangirl scream here*). To understand where much of the excitement in the industry is coming from, you have to know just who the producer is for this particular game. Interestingly enough, it’s this man:

Keiji Inafune.

Know him? Well, if you had a childhood, you should. He was the mastermind behind the stunning artwork and the lead character designer behind all of the Mega Man games to date, as well as executive producer of other titles, such as OnimushaStreet Fighter IV, Resident Evil 4 and 5, and Lost Planet 2. He is one of the main producers, as well as artists, who will be contributing to the latest in the Ninja Gaiden series, so you know what that means:

More of this sexy fool right hereyo. Or, one can only hope and assume, anyway. You know, he might even be too busy with his little honeymoon with his “honey” to even be concerned with making an appearance. Because Ryu is just a total badass like that.

(PS: Spoiler alert! THIS is totally Ryu’s main squeeze.)



But, anyway, fangirliness aside, the biggest excitement about this project revolves around the fact that will be using Unreal Engine 3, and that’s all I’m going to reveal, because I just love to see you suffer.

There were some more serious highlights of of day three, which were:

The highly-anticipated details about the new PS4: 

  • 8GB of GDDR5 RAM
  • Easier to develop on than the PS3
  • Developer tools run on Windows 7 64-bit
  • Share button will save gameplay data to a dedicated chip within the PS4
  • PS4’s BluRay drive is up to three times faster than its predecessor.
  • PS4’s hardware threads will offer a 2mb L2 cache for each of the console’s four-hour groups.

And the last interesting little bit of day three was a panel on How To Make It As Your Country’s First Game Developer, which I found an amazing read.

That’s all the highlights of GDC day 3! Check back tomorrow for our news on day four!

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