GDC 2013 Day 2 News Round Up

For those of you lovelies who are lucky enough to be at GDC, I hope you are having a good time! For the rest of us who are super curious as to what has been announced, take a look:

  • Indie Game Towerfall will be bringing adorable 8-bit elves, bows, and arrows into the indie gaming world. Enjoy some cute but bloody, old school fun shooting your friends!
  • Magicka: Wizard Wars was announced today. This new title in the series from Paradox Interactive will be solely dedicated to PvP, giving the fans of the PvP aspect of the original Magicka a game all their own.
  • Zeptolab, developers of Cut the Rope, will be releasing four new games this year. It will be a mix of Cut the Rope-related games as well as some new ones. That is all we know so far, so keep an eye out!
  • A trailer was released for Daylight from Zombie Studios (who we also mentioned in yesterday’s news round up…they’re busy!) The game is a “first-person psychological thriller [that] features procedurally generated levels to create a unique environment for each playthrough. Each time a user starts again, the game world’s landscape will be altered and players will experience new content and encounters. Zombie Studios claims that creating a randomly generated world ensures ‘it is never the same experience twice.'” You also play as a lady, which is pretty cool. Check out the trailer!

That’s it for the game announcements for today! There were also a lot of great panels discussing game ratings, game narratives, and more.

Keep watching Nerdy but Flirty for more GDC news!


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