GDC 2013 Day 1 News Round Up

It’s that time again! The 2013 Game Developers conference starts this week and will feature panels, game announcements, and more. Here is a round up of the GDC news for Monday, March 25th:

  • Limbo is coming to PlayStation Vita later this year. Sony’s announcement of Limbo for Vita was made alongside confirmation of independent games like Spelunky for PS3 and Vita and Metrico.
  • The PlayStation 4 lineup has two more confirmed games: A first-person shooter from Zombie Studios, Blacklight: Retribution, and Primal Carnage: Genesis from Lukewarm Media. They’re a pair of independently-developed titles due to be self-published on Sony’s next-gen console.
  • Oculus Rift update: In addition to announcing that both Unity and Unreal Engine will support the Rift, the VR will also provide hardware and software support to developers.

That was all of the hard news, although there were plenty of interesting panels discussing everything from emotions in games to creating a feeling of authenticity to the creation of more intelligent AI (lookin’ at you, Skyrim).

2 thoughts on “GDC 2013 Day 1 News Round Up

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  2. As a future game developer (I am attending E3 this June and will be graduating from my college in November), I appreciate coverage like this. I am unfortunately unable to make it due to school commitments (that take priority over all else), but reading up on things like this is wonderful. I hope to go next year and I wonder what else GDC has in store for us?

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